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Susan Krauss Whitbourne, apsychologicaland brain sciences professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said in the report.

Despite this, 62 percent of dating site members dream of a “serious relationship.” Online dating sites made their appearance in France 18 years ago. “The generalization of technology that was first adopted by gays...seems to have trivialized the model of ‘one-night sexual encounters’ which for a long time, only existed among the homosexual community,” observes François Kraus.

HOW DATING APPS HAVE CHANGED MODERN RELATIONSHIPS Winter months, on the other hand, are the least ideal time for anyone looking for something casual.

The same survey revealed a slight increase of 2 percent in people interested in longer term relationships during the months of January through March.

According to a new report by dating site Ok Cupid, 33 percent more people are looking for a one-night stand in June than during any other month of the year.

The results, compiled from a survey of over 18 million members between 20, suggest a 17 percent increase in people’s interest for a one-night stand in April, May and June, with June being the most popular month for a fling.

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The director of studies at IFOP, François Kraus, commented that the new tendency towards fleeting sexual encounters is a deep-seated one.